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Webb takes win in Salt Lake II

Cooper Webb took his second SX main event win of the year in the second of the Salt Lake City Supercrosses last night, as Eli Tomac extended his series lead over rival Ken Roczen. This time it was a night race, and the revamped track was less dusty than Sunday’s race on the circuit.

Roczen and Tomac were mid pack around the first corner while former British champ Zach Osborne took the lead. Webb moved into second on the opening lap while Roczen and Tomac scrapped over eight place.

The Honda man overtook his Kawasaki rival and moved into sixth, then picked off Brit Dean Wilson for fifth. Both Roczen and Tomac passed fourth placed Justin Barcia and put pressure on Anderson for third.

At around half distance, Tomac slipped past Roczen then repeated the feat a lap later to take third place away from Anderson.

At the front, Osborne was pressured by Webb who eventually put a hard pass on the Husky man to take the lead. Tomac also caught Osborne and took second away from him, but wasn’t able to catch Webb.

Just as he did on Sunday, Roczen seemed to run out of steam towards the end of the race and finished fifth. He’s now 13 points behind Tomac with Webb a further 16 adrift. They race again on Sunday.

Adam Cianciarulo tried to ride but was in too much discomfort in his lower back after Webb ran him over on Sunday. “I’ve been crazy sore. It’s not just pain, it’s weakness. I don’t want to be a danger to myself and anyone else out there,” said Adam, who will aim to race again on Sunday.

11Cooper Webb
23Eli Tomac
316Zach Osborne
421Jason Anderson
594Ken Roczen
615Dean Wilson
727Malcolm Stewart
851Justin Barcia
910Justin Brayton
1046Justin Hill
1137Martin Davalos
127Aaron Plessinger
1350Benny Bloss
144Blake Baggett
1544Kyle Cunningham
1664Vince Friese
1722Chad Reed
1811Kyle Chisholm
19722Adam Enticknap
2069Carlen Gardner
2134Tyler Bowers
2271Ryan Breece

Championship points

1Eli Tomac275
2Ken Roczen262
3Cooper Webb246
4Justin Barcia225
5Jason Anderson208
6Malcolm Stewart180
7Justin Hill161
8Dean Wilson159
9Justin Brayton157
10Aaron Plessinger147
11Zach Osborne144
12Blake Baggett134
13Adam Cianciarulo129
14Martin Davalos121
15Vince Friese120
16Tyler Bowers65
17Chad Reed59
18Kyle Chisholm57
19Benny Bloss54
20Kyle Cunningham40
21Ryan Breece32
22Alex Ray25
23Justin Bogle24
24Chris Blose18
25Adam Enticknap16
26Broc Tickle12
27Daniel Herrlein8
28Ryan Sipes7
29James Weeks7
30Henry Miller6
31James Decotis4
32Fredrik Noren4
33Ronnie Stewart3
34Carlen Gardner3
35Jason Clermont3
36Cade Autenrieth3
37Joshua Cartwright1
38Jerry Robin1