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Clarke misses Dortmund Supercross crown

Steven Clarke’s bid to take the overall Dortmund Supercross title came to an end when he failed to reach the main event on the third night of racing. Clarke won the first SX1 final on Friday and still led overall after taking sixth on day two. But his DNQ on day three ruined his charge.

American Kyle Cunningham took the overall win after finishing second on Sunday to Frenchman Simon Mallet. Nick Schmidt had been in contention for the overall win until he clashed with Dennis Ullrich and dropped back. Mallet led from start to finish.

Briton Gradie Featherstone took sixth overall in the MX2 class on his Suzuki. This week he returns to UK Arenacross action on the MotoHead-backed Husky 350 at Birmingham. Photo by Eric Laurijssen/ MX Planet

SX1 Main Event

1. Simon Mallet (FRA, HON)
2. Kyle Cunningham (USA, SUZ), +2.746
3. Dennis Ullrich (GER, KTM), +7.333
4. Khoun-Sith Vongsana (USA, KAW), +10.747
5. Boris Maillard (FRA, SUZ), +12.259
6. Valentin Teillet (FRA, HON), +13.665
7. Charles Lefrancois (FRA, SUZ), +18.543
8. Steve Mages (USA, YAM), +19.134
9. Nicholas Schmidt (USA, SUZ), +20.880
10. Filip Neugebauer (CZE, KAW), +21.511
11. Sulivan Jaulin (FRA, KTM), +1 Rnd.
12. Kai Haase (GER, SUZ), +1 Rnd.

SX2 Heat 1

1. Stephan Büttner (GER, KAW)
2. Julien Lebeau (FRA, KAW), +1.411
3. Adrien Malaval (FRA, SUZ), +2.376
4. Lucas Imbert (FRA, KTM), +3.069
5. Lorenzo Camporese (ITA, HON), +9.247
6. Gradie Featherstone (GBR, SUZ), +13.585
7. Glen Meier (DEN, KTM), +14.489
8. Nicolas Barcelo (FRA, KAW), +16.160
9. Joel Anton Costas (ESP, HON), +18.425
10. Clément Briatte (FRA, KAW), +21.351
11. Johannes Klein (AUT, KTM), +22.067
12. Wesley Mars (NED, KTM), +30.077

SX2 Heat 2

1. Adrien Malaval (FRA, SUZ)
2. Stephan Büttner (GER, KAW), +1.744
3. Nicolas Barcelo (FRA, KAW), +5.847
4. Gradie Featherstone (GBR, SUZ), +12.985
5. Joel Anton Costas (ESP, HON), +13.280
6. Lorenzo Camporese (ITA, HON), +14.328
7. Clément Briatte (FRA, KAW), +17.459
8. Johannes Klein (AUT, KTM), +18.716
9. Wesley Mars (NED, KTM), +30.871
10. Glen Meier (DEN, KTM), +1 Rnd.
11. Lucas Imbert (FRA, KTM)
DQ Julien Lebeau (FRA, KAW)

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