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Culham set for closure if housing project goes ahead

Housing vs motocross – there’s only one winner, not exactly.

Local residents would prefer the Culham motocross track to stay rather than a new housing project built which was recently reported in the Oxford Mail.

The plan would add 3,500 houses to the Culham area, roughly equating to a town the size of Wallingford. But locals said, “we would rather see the motocross track stay than 3,500 houses built on Green Belt land.”

Culham has been there for around 35 years and is one of the better tracks and venues in the UK and according to a Culham MX Park spokesperson, meetings can attract 400 riders and between 3000-5000 spectators.

The Local Plan will be submitted to the Secretary of State, along with the Public’s comments, for inspection. I’m sure we will hear more as the story gathers momentum.

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