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Photo special from Preston Docks Mudder!

By Dick Law. Day one the MX Nationals was brought early when track conditions deteriorated to a point when the Preston Docks track owners thought it would be impossible to bring the track back to full racing conditions for Sunday. Rain had fallen continually from the early hours of Saturday but at 2.30pm it stopped, and the forecast said it would be dry from then on till late Sunday night. The track crew will be working late into the evening to give the riders the best track the could for the rest on the meeting. Until then, check out some of the photos from today’s sloppy meeting!

MH0038-158 MH0038-142 MH0038-140 MH0038-131 MH0038-116 MH0038-089 MH0038-065 MH0038-051 MH0038-041 MH0038-028 MH0038-017 MH0038-010 MH0038-001



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