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Radical Radial offers value for money

Thor’s new mid-priced boots have lots of techno logy and won’t break the bank

Boots have progressed hugely over the years with ever-evolving technology to give riders real benefits in terms of safety, ease of movement, comfort, fit and looks. Thor’s new Radial is branded as an entry-level boot at £250, made to hit the mark in price and design without compromising comfort and durability.

The boots offer great movement on the bike

The fitment is good and your foot and ankle feel good in the boot. It was a good fit even with my knee braces. The buckles and straps impressed me because setting up the strap lengths, clipping and unclipping was smooth and easy. The fitment is a three-strap system which holds just like any other boot around your calf. The construction of the boot is unique with hard, injection-moulded plastic around the toe, inner foot/ankle and at the back of the heel.

The on-track feel is good with the soles feeling good on the pegs due to the tacky feel of the rubber. The boot design offers good movement when using the controls and moving your body position.

I had no trouble in gripping the bike. I was concerned the ankle hinge system might catch on the bike. I was super conscious of it but it didn’t come close and the flat inner boot inside delivered a good feel against the frame. The hinge design offers slick, flexible movement front to rear but also strengthens the side rigidity to offer more support for your ankle. The boot also features a hyper extension lock-out to stop your ankle from damage. You notice this off the bike but not on. I think the new Radial offers a lot of boot for its money and I rate them.

The hinges work well and don’t catch your bike
They look expensive but are very affordable

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By Dave Willet. Photos by Adam Duckworth

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