Stunt God Maddison gets ready for Weston

With the solo class soaring towards capacity, there’s one guy who’s definitely really excited to be back for this year and has been throwing down some whips in preparation for the biggest motorsport event in the UK. Robbie Maddison is an international stunt riding legend, and true to his word,

Freestyle legend Maddison returns to Weston

Robbie Maddison will be returning to the HydroGarden Weston Beach Race this year to compete again in one of the toughest and most bonkers off-road events in the UK on October 19-21. Most recently known for his water-riding efforts in ‘Pipe Dream’ and ‘Pipe Dream 2’ that have amassed over

Maddison hits the waves again in Pipe Dream 2

Over a year ago, Robbie Maddison made his dream of riding his dirtbike on the ocean a reality. Since then, he's spent his time perfecting his bike and working towards a bigger goal: riding some of the biggest waves in the world. He set out to the legendary "Killers" break

Wild Weston highlights!

More than 800 riders tackle a six-mile course, huge sand dunes and one long straight at the RHL Weston Beach Race.  Check out superstars such as Jonny Walker, Robbie Maddison, MotoGP's Scott Redding and Dave Thorpe hit the beach!